March Madness Challenge ~ Day 6

Day 6 (F) ~ Fleetwood Mac ~ Don’t stop

2nd fleetwood mac dont stop documentary (image from


Fleetwood Mac Don’t stop song = totally uplifting song lyrics (imo) to give a great feeling of positivity.

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8 Responses to March Madness Challenge ~ Day 6

  1. erikakind says:

    Yeah!!!! Love that song! Remeber it all too well. Wonderful uplifting and empowering! Yippie!!!

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    • Glad you like it. Have no idea how you managed to get proper video on yours? I played this once for a dear friend who at the time thought her world was at an end, sobbing furiously. It calmed her and made her smile so this song always reminds me of her and that great moment between us as well as always lifting me too!

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