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    Just a gentle shove, a genuine mistake this time. She just forgot the ‘new way’ briefly but she does that a lot these days.  Forgetting. I’m gradually being accepted and treated like a part of the family, our … Continue reading

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I am delighted to say that today I have at last secured a place for myself on a Mindfulness course starting in May.  I can’t wait!  Having done a lot of research and reading on the subject I look forward … Continue reading

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Oh, you too!

Blank or just total useless rubbish rattling around.  Its so hard to stop, to clear completely. Distractions, a new noise, a different bird song, sudden bang or just me….watching, looking at myself trying to slow this crazy mind of mine. … Continue reading

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Almost 3 years but finally I got to see the rheumatology department after so many other consultants/specialists and the conclusion, without boring your rigid, is Fibromyalgia with differential diagnosis of MS, osteoarthritis, trigeminal neuralgia, cognitive/memory issues and anxiety they keep … Continue reading

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