To dream


Sleep eludes me

the clock ticked on

daybreak came

I doze

I wake

I wait

I wish

I can’t heal

I can’t cure


sometime soon

the suffering

will stop

and I will sleep.

About desperateramblings

I really hope you will glance, read and/or enjoy my words and I very much look forward to viewing yours in return.
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11 Responses to To dream

  1. painkills2 says:

    Thinking of you…

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  2. suesuzzz says:

    oh how i wish i could sleep deep sleep get my “rem” deep sleep …but i am thankful that my insomnia has gotten better these last few weeks… you just never know when it will strike its ugly head again..but i will take what i can…huggggggggggs to you my dear…

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    • Yes that quality sleep eludes so many, what a shame you are one of them. I sleep like a dead and forgotten log the majority of the time I am very lucky to say but on the occasions when my sleep is disturbed or not possible I have a meer glimpse of what you suffer and its total sh**t indeed!
      Thanks for the hug ug ug ug ug ug ggggggg! Same back at you missus 🙂 take care and back real soon 🙂 🙂 huGGGGG from me too x


  3. mike7sedona says:

    I understand your pain which certainly inspired you to speak out your thoughts on the eternal sleep – a good life may not be assured, but the eternal sleep is guaranteed, duly signed by the Lord Himself! And so, we have miles to go before we can sleep!

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  4. Sean Mungin says:

    I wish I could sleep like regular people.


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