I have managed to start my little shop on Folksy ~ Yay!!

Only two items at the moment but few more to add when I can.  My hands despite ongoing operations seem to be giving up the ghost at an alarming rate.  Someone has put their foot down on my ageing process with no real reason it seems.  Osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia are being blamed but I have to wait to see a Rheumatologist for confirmation on the fibro front.

So although I managed one successful craft fair a couple of weeks ago, my planned and booked ones I have had to cancel because of my hands and wrists. What to do then with all the bits and pieces I have slowly and carefully made?  Well, I like the Folksy site, so far anyway, so am having a bash with them for the time being.  Ebay costs have spiralled and the performance of their actual site seems dreadful these days.

Just wanted to get some sort of post on my blog as I have not for ages and the Folksy shop pushed me to share.  Who knows if I will make any sales, only time will tell.  I’m of the opinion that if its meant to succeed it will in its own time.  If it fails……well at least I gave it my best shot and move on to something else.  Still got my positivity and calmness!


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  1. mike7sedona says:

    Congratulations and best of luck – way to go!

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