At last!



I must have been about 3 years old in this photo, sitting next to my big brother who would have been around 7yrs old I guess.

Mum would have known but of course as you know I can no longer ask her.  There have been so many things already that I needed to ask her since she has passed over but of course this is now impossible.

To me this just emphasises her loss but I am managing well and know she would be proud of what I am at last becoming……..contented, happy and a teeny bit successful even!  Yes I eventually managed to attend my first ever craft fair as a seller, selling bits I had made! Years I have promised myself this year I would do it but for one reason or another (usually health related) it did not happen. Saturday at 10 am prompt the doors opened and I was pretty nervous I have to say.  Very scary wondering if anyone would like what I had made and further, would anyone actually want to buy any of it?  Midday arrived and I could hardly keep up with the enquiries, the compliments and yes even some sales!!!!  It has taken days to actually sink in to be honest but I have immediately booked up for another this Saturday and very much hope to attend one each weekend until Christmas.  I realise next week may not be so good or it may be better.  Who knows, none of us but the confidence boost it has given me to even put myself ‘out there’ is immense.  Yes Mum & Dad you would both be very proud ……. as indeed I am of myself!


My ‘yarn trees’

I’m also now on the precipice of having a go at selling online, maybe through Facebook or Folksy or even both?

It has been a long while since I have published on here.  For many reasons, not least being that I have been going through the ill health retirement from work.  I am now fully retired and its pretty weird tbh but Im getting to make the most of it the best way I can and making a happy busy life for myself now without the 9 to 5 as it were.  I am finding that setting a routine and schedule are most important as it is all too easy to sit back and just wonder at what will be.  I want to be successful in my own right and I am just starting the road to hopefully gain that achievement.

I hope some of my ‘old’ followers will come back and find my posts interesting as before.  There are so many new topics I would love to write about and discuss with readers.  Synchronicity I have just stumbled upon and WOW it fascinates me.  I relate to it so much.  Anyhow for now I just wanted to get this ‘I’m back’ post out there and lets go from here shall we?

Lets see what happens ……………. 🙂

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  1. Joanne says:

    Congrats on attending the craft fair and well done with the sales – good luck over the next few weeks! 🙂

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