Apologies for missing March Madness Challenge Friday 13th

Day 13 (M) ~ Mum

Those of you who follow me regularly will know that I have been staying with my Mum to look after her while she was poorly. She was admitted to hospital on Thursday. Yesterday we discovered she has cervical/ovarian cancer.  This was totally unexpected ~ as you will understand I am more than positively trying to gather all my positivity right now.

I remember my Dad on stage singing Be My Love to my Mum many years ago.  It was an incredibly touching moment.  They had the best relationship I have ever known, married for 59 years before my Dad passed away.  They were complete soul mates and had a very happy life together.  I thought it appropriate to publish the song in this instance.

(video via YouTube & published by GreekCallasChannel)

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13 Responses to Apologies for missing March Madness Challenge Friday 13th

  1. Sean Mungin says:

    Oh wow! I am sorry to hear about your mother. I will definitely be keeping you all in my prayers…


  2. Trang says:

    So sorry to hear about your Mum’s health. It’s not easy to see a loved one struggling with something that we cannot control. Keep up with the positivity that you have.

    Wow, 59 years of marriage is a long time. It’s a treasure of life that’s well loved and lived.


    • Thank you Trang and yes they had a real love story that everyone dreams of. The one consoling factor that helps if prognosis is as bad as we have been led to believe then she will feel peaceful about it as she believes she will be back with my Dad when she passes as 5 years after he passed, it is as if it was the day after…..still. She was completely broken hearted which is so very sad.


      • Trang says:

        I would love to read their love story.

        I checked out pictures of Cornwall and it’s such a beautiful place. I would like to visit a place with serene landscape. I was born in a coastal town so any place that is near the ocean is very dear to me.


      • Ah thats sweet of you, yes I live in a very beautiful part of my country. I love it with all my heart. Once you have lived by the sea, you miss it dreadfully if you move away.


  3. erikakind says:

    First of all I am sorry for what your mother, you and your family are going through. I feel with you and my thoughts are with you. The relationship of your parents must have been this typical one in a million gift from heaven. So beautiful they had it.


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