Night owl


Tawit ??????????


where are you?


tawit with you?


would you?


where is twoo?

I’m calling for you

Tawit, tawit, tawit, tawit

but tonight there is no tawoo.

I am hearing a lonely owl calling tonight as I sit and type,

so I thought I would share the sound of my night.

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I really hope you will glance, read and/or enjoy my words and I very much look forward to viewing yours in return.
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6 Responses to Night owl

  1. mike7sedona says:

    You have to call a rose a rose, and that is not flattery, but merely amounts to statement of facts. By the way, a rose by any other name would still be a rose, and that is a true fact! So, carry on with gusto and
    you’ll see pretty soon what you are capable of – matter of time. All the best!

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  2. mike7sedona says:

    Barn owl or a tawny owl, it kept company from a distance with or without a tawit tawoo sound as you went about your business of typewriting, like a true friend, always by your side! Thanks for sharing the Owly post!


    • Ha ha mike7sedona, thank you. I thought it was a pretty rubbish blog tbh but pleased you gave a comment. I am fascinated that you like me bits at all because your blog is so in depth and extremely intelligent, serious stuff! Anyhow, maybe it gives you a bit of light relief, whatever the reason, hope you keep on liking!! Cheers for now. p.s. don’t know as it was dark, I couldn’t see it as also couldn’t precisely pinpoint where it was coming from apart from a general direction really.

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      • mike7sedona says:

        Your are welcome! Tbh, none of your blogs are rubbish – perish the thought, on the other hand, you’re very creative in your own way providing the much needed relief, especially offering a glimpse of playful Eric and Taz, your feline companions at times! You are doing a great job – Chin up and Cheers!


      • Once aaain I owe you my gratitude. What an absolutely lovely response to come home from the hospital and see. To be called very creative (even if in my own way) is an honour and Im not even going over the top honestly! To have ventured into this so recently and as more than just a newbie but with the drive and enthusiasm in my heart, this comment has warmed it. I thank you Sir! 🙂 🙂 I will continue then…..but not tonight as Im exhausted. Just wanted to check my blog before sleep zzzzzz and you made it worth checking! Good night mike7sedona 🙂 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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