Not an ‘expected’ cat name I suppose


Hi ~ my name is Eric. Named after my Mum’s hero, her dearly departed Dad so that’s just fine with me. I have one sister who lives with me and she is called Taz which I believe was after Tazmanian Devil, a cartoon popular at the time.  Early on she certainly had similar characteristics but enough of her for the time being…..although maybe I better put her picture on here too, so here she is :-


Twins we are not, perhaps you can see that!  So, back to me 🙂 our Mum’s milk dried up when we were just four and a half weeks old so the decision was made to see if homes could be found for myself and indeed my siblings.  Risky really and not many people were prepared to take any of us on, understandably really as it would be a hit or miss situation and would take dedicated care to continue our fragile little lives.

Enter my Mum & Dad.  Mum is writing this for me as thus far I have not managed to get to grips with her keyboard but one day I know I will!  Anyhow I am not going to drag on endlessly about the total care we received except to say that they gave us 4 hourly feeds, protected us by keeping us warm at all times, made little beds for us and above all fell in love with us hour by hour, minute by minute and this has been our home for just over 4 years now.  A place we couldn’t be happier.

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7 Responses to Not an ‘expected’ cat name I suppose

  1. Carol says:

    Hello, Eric! I think that’s a perfectly nice name for a cat! I’m often told that my name, Carol, is strange for a cat, but I can’t see why! Humans are odd. I also think it’s awfully kind of you to post your sister’s picture. Just be warned: The attention may go to her head and she could start thinking she has rights to YOUR blog. Trust me. I have firstpaw experience with such matters. Anyway, happy blogging!

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    • Ha ha adorable reply and thanks Carol ~ you bought a smile to what so far has been a down day for me 🙂 Happy padding my feline friend 🙂

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    • By the way Carol, my Mum is away looking after her sick mum and has been for a few days. We miss her very much, especially Taz as she usually has a ‘snuggle’ (into mums dressing gown) every morning and night 😦 We hope she comes home soon.

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      • Carol says:

        I’m sorry your Mum’s mum is sick and that you’re away from one another and missing her. I hope she gets to come home to you and Taz soon. And I’m glad that my comment on your post brought a smile to her face 🙂 Please give her my well wishes. And hang in there!!

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      • Thank you from me & Taz.. We miss our fuss big time. Mums partner feeds us but he is not as cuddly and soft as Mum in her dressing gown! Best wishes have been passed we think.

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  2. Awww. .. that’s beautiful

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