I just published a big WOW to celebrate, with anticipation having 100 followers and I did this because it is a big deal to me and I am proud of myself.

I am struggling with some health problems at the moment, particularly cognitive issues and you would not believe how long it has taken me to learn how to even start a blog, create, publish and all that jazz. There’s still a long way to go but TAT (Tiny Achievable Tasks).

Ordinarily (pre illness) I would have breezed it to here but I just can’t do things quite as quickly as before.  My ability to multi task have gone it seems!

Now I know most of the above could have been written and understood had I have had an accident, or stroke for instance or were simply getting old BUT I’m 53 and I’m determined not to give up, give in and just wait to die.  Although I am still technically employed, I’m in the process of an application for early retirement on the grounds  of ill health.  I am thinking past when that decision is made because if I’m awarded it then I will have a small income in the form of benefits and if I am not then I’ll have a even smaller income.

So, I have to find a way of doing something that I enjoy and can still do, one of which is writing, with the eventual aim to be able to supplement the aforementioned meagre income if I am lucky enough or even something completely different, who knows? The chances are not great but I like a challenge so why not give it a go I thought.

I love doing my blog and am astonished and intrigued to read others.  So I suppose the reason Im writing this is to say basically if I am able to give it a go and actually find some people who are interested then ANYONE should give it a go.

Believe in yourself as I have, and have the strength, whatever the odds to write, share and show what you want the world to know.  Its fun and fascinating and you never know what it may lead to.

Remember it is your life, grab it, embrace it, feel it and live it the best you can and if any of us can make a difference to just one other person in whatever way if nothing else then it will all be worth it.  THAT will be our reward, priceless.

About desperateramblings

I really hope you will glance, read and/or enjoy my words and I very much look forward to viewing yours in return.
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17 Responses to Priceless

  1. That is awesome! Keep up the good work! 😉

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  2. Julia Manuel says:

    Well good for you, I’m so proud of you Annie! I truly enjoy your bright energy and enthusiasm…inspiring really. I honour your truth as well. Thank you for sharing more about you ☺

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    • I am genuinely surprised and hope it will continue as good. I just speak from my heart, try not offend and love to be able to maybe hep others who are not having a very good time of things or conversely its lovely to share their good stuff. This blogging lark is quite an eye opener to me at least. Thanks again Julie for all your comments and chat.

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  3. Ian Hamlin says:

    Congratulations! It’s been fun connecting… Which has been a surprising bonus in the blogger sphere for me too. Cheers

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  4. Love your blog and congratulations for hitting your 100 followers. I am quite a way off, but hopefully one day I can rejoice with you!

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  5. When I started my first blog a few years ago I had no clue what I was doing. I made a lot of mistakes then started a second blog a year later and made a few more mistakes. I decided to take a few of the classes with wordpress and that is when it pretty much all clicked for me. I do not pretend to know it all, but I do love blogging and I guess that is all that matters.You might check the dates in your settings because your post is showing September 3, 2015. It is a simple change in your settings of your blog page.

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  6. erikakind says:

    That can go pretty fast… Congratulations!!!

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