Is Happiness REALLY A Choice When Bad Stuff Keeps Happening To You?

How very true 🙂


The last couple months have been particularly trying for me. I felt like every single thing that could possibly go wrong just did. This lead me to anxiety, feelings of helplessness, then guilt over feeling so bad for myself. You get it. Just REALLY unhappy.

This was not a comfortable state of being for me. However, I also felt like it could be. If I just let myself be sad for one more week, purposely denied myself one more social outing, kept eating macaroni and cheese, I could see how this could become my new life. And unfortunately, I think some people find comfort in being perpetually miserable.

Comfortable misery is not to be mistaken with clinical depression, which, is obviously a disease that can often end in tragedy without treatment. I think an example of this is obvious in our most recent loss of Robin Williams. Comfortable misery is…

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