Pain, pain go away…..

lightening    and don’t bother coming back any day.

Hey readers, hope to get a bit of a rant out later but my usual morning one is postponed due to the above! Argghhh 😦

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I really hope you will glance, read and/or enjoy my words and I very much look forward to viewing yours in return.
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6 Responses to Pain, pain go away…..

  1. suesuzzz says:

    hope that you are feeling much better…I can so relate to pain..I live it everyday of my life…see we have more in common then we thought…lol


    • Following you now so I should keep up to date and I have emailed you the leek photo ~ lol. I think from your words you have far more pain than me but I am sure we can get a bit more detail as we go along Sue. Take care from Annie x

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      • suesuzzz says:

        hey Annie!! just left you a letter…ok yes i seen the picture of the leek on my phone that is where i seen it…i knew it!!!..thank you for the follow as well it means alot to me it really does doing happy dance!!!…of course we will get more detailed as we go along i am an open book so anytime ask away im not shy and very open of everything i have gone through and i could go deep but smiles for now ..everyone has there own pain and pain level everyone handles it different since it varys from one to another so please do not think mine is worse yes i never get a break from it and sometimes i cry and get mad and want it all to just end but the pain you have can be as bad or badder all i know it sucks hog balls and it gets old way to fast i worry for anyone that has to deal with pain since it is such well a pain in the ass hehe no but i worry if the person doesnt have a support person whom they can talk to are they all alone? i believe sometimes it helps to talk to someone that understand what one is going through…ok my dear i should get off here for a bit and try to rest trying to listen to my body lol..but back to pain there is emotional pain physcial pain etc and to be honest with you i do have all and probly more lol..told you i am honest and speak the truth..ok rest time for me …we will see how that goes… i won’t hold my breath i am not a good sleeper but i shall is great to meet you Annie..and oh i am bad with names so do not shoot me please..its my head injury but i will try..sleep tight and stay warm and happy thoughts to you..such a wonderful person you are and i feel blessed to have connected with you…


  2. Sean Mungin says:

    Hope you feel better 😃


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