The truth about Aldi ~ real value?


So you’ve possibly seen the TV ads or even read in the news how well Aldi are doing in comparison to their competitors.  It seems obvious to even someone like me who takes little interest, other than finding out where the best value and quality is to be found now I have ZERO wages coming in, where that is increasingly to be found. Just take a look at this trolley full :-

P1050419   and the cost I hear you ask? ~ £47.37!!!!!

I could not believe it! I am sure that I would not have got this much great stuff for this price anywhere else, brilliant 🙂

So the truth is that they are, in my opinion, truly winning the current supermarket war so cheers Aldi and long may you continue to keep my cupboards stocked and some coppers in my purse.

I am thinking of doing some individual product reviews and putting them on YouTube.  Only ever my opinion of course but just don’t know if anyone would really be interested is all?

Whats your opinion? Do you have any preferences you would like to comment with?  I would love to her from you on this or any of my articles which I try to produce on a daily basis but on many random subjects ~ hence Randomravings of course 🙂


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