Comfort food on a cold winters day

My partner works outside all the time which can be great in the summer but on a crisp winter day I like to give him a hearty hot meal to warm his bones and keep him going!  So, here is my recipe in case you would like to try it.

Soup 2  Ingredients :- 3 leeks, 1 medium chopped onion, 1 large potato cubed or equivalent, 1 garlic clove, cayenne pepper, plenty of black pepper, 800ml of vegetable stock, 200ml ish of milk or cream, knob of butter, olive oil, fresh chives if available.

P1050407 Melt the butter & oil gently so as not to burn the butter.

P1050408Add the onion, leeks, black pepper and cayenne for extra heat.

P1050411 Cook gently to soften.  Keeping the lid on helps speed this up.  Halfway through add the potato and stir in.

P1050417Mix up the stock separately and add to the pan. Stir gently and let this simmer until the potato has also softened.  I do not add any salt as in my opinion the stock cubes have enough salt in them already but of course season to taste, as they say 🙂

P1050418Whilst still simmering and towards the end, mix in the milk and bring back to simmering point.  I use skimmed milk but full fat milk or cream, if you are not too worried about fat content and want something a little more luxurious, work too

Thats it, a gorgeous, simple, economic, hearty warming soup to keep even the toughest guys warm from the inside out 🙂

Any comments, questions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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Desperate ramblings because I'm desperate to learn how to do all this blog stuff and ramblings cos due to ill health I tend to ramble on even more than usual! I really hope you will glance, read and/or enjoy my words and I very much look forward to viewing yours in return. **UPDATE Feb '15** Thank you for all my new followers, gobsmacked tbh! Look forward to daily when possible, blogging, checking out all my favourites and meeting new fellow bloggers.
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3 Responses to Comfort food on a cold winters day

  1. suesuzzz says:

    looks amazing and makes me want to head to the kitchen and start cooking homemade soups something warm on this ice filled texas day..I love to cook homemade to me I AM in heaven when I am able to cook. I agree with what you said about your partner needs to come in and warm up there is nothing like that homemade dinner waiting for and to warm the body…I only have one thing on my blog about food hell I do not have much since i haven’t been up to blogging but I have been taking the time to read many blogs hehe my goal is to make more me time so that i can blog and do things that I enjoy but you know how life gets in our way and changes our plans much fun ,,not…well if you like cooking as I do as well then there is another thing we have in common hehe. 😉 …oh question for you about this post..leaks are like onions right? or no..I do not think that I have ever used them..let me know when you have the time… hugs Suzette


    • Ah thanks Sues. Amazing you in Texas, me in England (easily pleased me ~ haha!) Yeah life sure does get in the way big time and yours particularly sounds like there is little you time at all and I understand how hard t is to get that time. I hope you are able to soon. Once you have, I find, even if it was only 10 minutes, if you do what YOU want to do then on reflection it took no time relatively at all and should make you feel better in yourself. Hey, I am no great life philosopher of course lol. Hw nice to think I have stuff in common with someone so far away (or even near would be good!). You have left me lovely replies and put as big a smile on my face as pain will allow 🙂 cheers. Yes, leeks are a milder form of onion. They are nice baked with cheese sauce too. I was going to add a photo I have just gone and taken of my last leek but it seems replying like this does not allow me to add a photo, which is a shame. Anyhow, look forward to hearing from you again for sure. Hug and warmth coming your way 🙂

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      • suesuzzz says:

        hey stranger hehe….yes such a distance from one another but through our blogs we can become close and also share things and learn from one another 🙂 yeah lil me time i do get time but for me to focus on things i need more time if that makes sense lol and i am coming up with a plan that looks like it going to work for more time all around so i am so happy as you can see i am on here hehe baby steps and lets see if this works for me..i believe it will.. yup i went to your blog and looked around and said we do have things in common hehe i was happy to see that…i am happy that my comments made you smile i rather smile then cry how about you if i can make someone smile then i am happy too..yeah i thought leeks were like onions but wasnt for sure will have to get a reciepe from you on how to cook them for a dish one day i see them in the store all the time..cheese sounds good on them too.. wait i thought i did see a picture of you with a leek? i will look again…you know this computer shit lol…oh on another note here in Texas we got sleet and ice yesterday and another storm coming in tonight up to 4 inches of snow so real cold and bad roads but here in texas we get more ice than snow usually so we will see when i wake up what kind of mess we will have if you look on my instagram page you will see some pretty pictures i took from the really bad ice storm we got last year some are still cleaning up the mess from last year!!! can you believe it…anyways my dear i so enjoy speaking with you i look forward to it and hope and pray it continues i am so happy to have met such a blessed and sweet and kind person that can relate to things like me with my plate full hehe you know what i mean…again i hope n pray we keep growing a friendship here…look forward and stay warm my dear cuz i know its cold here had to take a hot shower to warm up lol…Texas size hugs to you..sleep tight and do not let the bugs bite… 😉


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