Can anyone help please?

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Whilst I have not had many comments/chats on my articles, the ones that I have had do not show when I view?  I would like others to be able to see others comments as it may hopefully prompt more!

I am a total newbie to all of this and have searched to find my answer with no luck.  I also do not understand ‘computer speak’ and have become rather lost when trying to find how to solve?  If anyone could please let me know in ‘idiot’ speak, I would be tremendously grateful 🙂


About desperateramblings

Desperate ramblings because I'm desperate to learn how to do all this blog stuff and ramblings cos due to ill health I tend to ramble on even more than usual! I really hope you will glance, read and/or enjoy my words and I very much look forward to viewing yours in return. **UPDATE Feb '15** Thank you for all my new followers, gobsmacked tbh! Look forward to daily when possible, blogging, checking out all my favourites and meeting new fellow bloggers.
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15 Responses to Can anyone help please?

  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    We found a book on wordpress,I’m hoping it’s going to help me,do not despair we all stuff from computer overload,I can begin to say how long it has taken me to get where I am,it all works out when you take the fear out of the process

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    • Did you! wow maybe I should search for this too then? Glad to hear someone else is not finding it as easy as thought, same as me. Thanks for your comment and best of luck to both of us! Thank you Sheldonk

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  2. painkills2 says:

    Your “Top Rated” comments are part of one of your Sidebar widgets on the right hand side. You have one for “Community” that appears to work, but your Top Rated widget is blank. I would suggest that you delete that widget, then add it again.

    Go to Dashboard, Appearance, and then Widgets. Hope that helps.

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  3. PiedType says:

    Have you found the WordPress forums? You can get help there with just about any question.

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    • Yes thanks, I was aware of them but tend to get rather lost as I do not even understand the ‘basic’ terms anymore 😦 I should maybe explain that my cognitive abilities are very poor just now, along with memory issues. Medics after a year still cannot determine why. Current thinking is that the extreme stress I suffered prior to my problems has caused my brain messages to be in a mess?! Waiting now for apt with neuropsychologist to further.
      Hope that is more info than you needed ~ ha ha ~ actually Im sure it was! ~ Apologies if necessary PiedType.

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    • Sorry for late response but yes I did thank you PiedType 🙂


  4. Trish says:

    try going to settings the click on discussion and make sure the box that allows comments is checked…..hope this helps!

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