Just one pay day away…….choices?


Bad, bad day 😦

Work have dumped on me ……..suddenly I now have no more pay, zilch, nothing from right now, no money to pay any bills, buy food, rent etc etc etc ….. Still employed by them though!  They said this would not happen ~ they lied 😦

Choices ~ life is all about them.  The way I see it, I now have a crucial choice to make :-

Crumble and sink back into the darkness I’ve known so many times before and repeat my life cycle as before


straighten myself up, swallow my fear, face my creditors with the truth, fight off the gloom and take control. Show them that despite being in an incredibly vulnerable place both mentally and physically, they cannot get away with this.  I must not sit back and accept.  I must challenge and must not be put off because of who they are.  They have mis-guided and ill informed me and I trusted them.  They must make this right.

***I did initially crumble but albeit with some fragility I am doing my best to do the latter***

Please wish me luck and accept my apologies as having previewed this post it is not that well written but I understand why. I am rather ‘all over the place’ right now.

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