The power of sleep, positivity and a little duck.

P1050381  Firstly thanks to the likes I have been receiving ~ WOW!

I am better today.  Most weird yesterday but ended up sleeping and sleeping and sleeping more! Partner came home also feeling ‘just not right’ and within 10 minutes was fast asleep on the sofa so am not sure what we jointly may have done to make us that way but we both seem refreshed so maybe we just needed a hibernation sleep, who knows?

Just took the little duck photo which was from my late great Dad’s ‘stained glass period’, lol.  Although it suffered damage along the way, that does not matter to me, I just love the warmth of the colours and the image of the sun coming up with rays beaming down.  It cheers my soul.  Although I could have the damage fixed, I actually wouldn’t because in a funny little way it adds to the fact that my Dad made it. I could talk for England about how great my Dad was but for now I will hold back :). One of my dreams is for my partner (a brilliant builder who has built several lovely houses for others) to build a home for us which will somewhere incorporate my little duck window pane.  Ideally on a wall that has either the sunrise or sunset beaming through.  We all need dreams, just not living on them is the trick in my opinion.

Fighting to keep/restore my positivity currently, not always as easy as it sounds but I will, I am determined.

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