Motivate yourself ~ shower, dress and put on ‘the face’

  1. Showered ~ yes
  2. Dresses ~ not quite :)!
  3. Put on ‘the face’ ~ ???

Well, 2 out of 3 achieved so far this morning.  I didn’t list motivate yourself and the reason is that the very fact that I am tapping away at this tells myself I am at least motivated to do this.

‘The face’ ~ please let me explain more.  Firstly you may think I refer to cosmetically enhancing my face (believe me, it would take a lot more than a bit of make up today).  I do not really ‘do’ make up, I certainly do not put it on well when I do wear the full  package which I deem to be lotions, creams, concealer, foundation, blusher/bronzer eye shadow, mascara etc.  As a genuine rule I do wear mascara and tbh now I am a little older than a ‘spring chicken’ I have started to attempt a bit of concealer/foundation type stuff on but anyway my real meaning of ‘the face’ is the persona you wish others to see.

I have become a little stuck at home in recent weeks and whilst my home is appreciative, my confidence and grip on reality are not.  It’s great to be able to get things sorted and looking lovely but venturing out amongst the public, friends and big wide world IS necessary as we need to interact with others in order to keep a balance in my opinion.  Believe me, as I have touched upon in previous ramblings I would love to live a zillion miles away from anyone, taking care of myself with no questions to answer, no judgements to bear and no-one telling me what I should do and where I need to be BUT today I need to make the effort and go see my work colleagues, listen and chat.

**Update** I am happy with my above words so have decided to publish but thought I had better update.  I did go and see my work colleagues.  It did me good as I had to ‘present’ myself for being seen if you understand what I mean.  The chat was good and I am glad I went but………here I am a few days later stuck once more 😦 I do have an appointment with my bank at midday, so have to go out which is probably a good thing.  I have so much I want to share and so much I want to learn but I say again, I am stuck right here, right now 😦

The good thing is the lady at the bank is totally lovely and we seem to get on like a house on fire.  She is struggling a little with a recent dramatic life decision/move and I love to be her listener.  We laugh so much and I bet the queueing public who can see into the little glass office think Im a lotto winner or something….to be so happy at a bank meeting!  This could not be further from the truth!!!!


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Desperate ramblings because I'm desperate to learn how to do all this blog stuff and ramblings cos due to ill health I tend to ramble on even more than usual! I really hope you will glance, read and/or enjoy my words and I very much look forward to viewing yours in return. **UPDATE Feb '15** Thank you for all my new followers, gobsmacked tbh! Look forward to daily when possible, blogging, checking out all my favourites and meeting new fellow bloggers.
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  1. SherrieZone says:

    Well I’m glad to hear about the laughter. I really believe in it. Laughter and dancing. However, I do not dance in front of anyone…..I just turn up the radio and have at it. They both make me feel so much better.


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