Super bright moon and red grapes to start the day.

Red grapes

Good Morning 🙂  So its 7.30am, I’m just sipping my 2nd cup of tea, waiting for my painkillers to kick in and checking my emails.  I like to hear the local news and forecast in the mornings and today one of the so called ‘headlines’ was “red grapes can improve your memory”.  How strange that I currently cannot get enough red grapes!

Ok, you may be thinking, and my point is?….. well, not sure if already gone in to detail of why I have been off work for almost a year yet but one of the main factors is a terribly bad memory which beset me around the same time I initially became poorly.  So, it looks like my current enjoyment of these grapes should continue and so much nicer than yet another pill, yay! I am not a great fruit lover, particularly hate citrus, so it was rather surprising that I was loving them so much…….maybe there is a reason after all………ideal 🙂 Cannot actually say I have seen any noticeable improvement yet but hope springs eternal.

On another note, just quickly as I must get in the shower before the warmth from the morning heating has left the bathroom! What about the moon right now…, how bright?!! Took the below image which was the view from our kitchen window the other night.  It just does not show just how its incredible brightness but wanted to share.  I am fascinated by the moon, stars and all that jazz.  I am a believer in the theories that the phases of the moon affect much more than just our tidal flow however, HAVE to get in the shower!  I must try to remember to tell you about when I worked as an emergency 999 call handler for the Police, particularly and specifically around the phases of the moon.

Anyhow, any/all comments very gratefully received, as sadly I have not yet had one yet 😦 , about the red grapes theory, bright moons or quite frankly anything at all.  I would love to know other peoples views.

Super bright moon Feb '15

Have a lovely day people and I am virtually in that shower…………honest…………..NOW! 🙂

p.s. ~ I now have a couple of followers!!!!!! Thank you so much, I dearly hope I can entertain and interest you with my random ramblings for the foreseeable future 🙂


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