Oh how I love being English at times!

long people queue silhouette set 1

The pharmacy attached to my doctors surgery is small but does have its own outside entrance as well as a door into the surgery.  People come in from both as it is a busy place.

Yesterday I had handed in my prescription and the main area had a a couple of people in so I movd away back towards the door not only to avoid being in the way but also to appease my huge sense of needing my own ‘private space’ if you know what I mean!  Anyhow, I was more than warmed that 3 or it could have been 4 people came in from the outside and rather than ignoring me and jumping in to the main desk, each of them asked me politely if I was indeed waiting or in a queue.  How nice I thought quickly followed by remembering how, when in the few other countries I have visited, the English love of queueing just does not exist! Amazing really and I do hope the younger generation continue this ‘English’ tradition after all to me anyway, it is a form of great politeness and manners.  Traits that are so sadly missing more and more these days particularly in busy towns which, of course, I avoid at all costs! lol

Whats your view? Please feel free to let me know and I will be sure to get back to you soon as I can.

Enjoy your day, back soon 🙂

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