Not at all sure but I think I have just linked my Google plus to this site?  Still trying to work this technology out tbh and would love to hear from anyone who can confirm if I am doing it right or wrong??? It would help me maybe, only if your words are positive though please, no negativity allowed ha ha.

Going to try to put a selection of pictures on later but still keep doing this wrong, bit hit and miss really.  Shame as I know good pictures will help any readership.  Got to laugh at that as I don’t think I even have a reader yet !!

Anyhow, having real trouble managing to get out of the door this morning.  Not fear of people exactly, just hate the hustle bustle of town centres, shops and anywhere where people congregate.  So many of them ‘enter’ my private space if you know what I mean.  The other day a lady behind me in a queue kept on ‘touching’ my shoulder bag.  As far as I know this was not an attempt theft or anything like it but she kept inching forward when the queue was not!  I inched a bit forward and then out wide whilst keeping my place but eventually I just had to remove myself from the queue!  Do you know she didn’t even bat an eyelid, maybe of course that was her plan haha, well if that was the case it worked for sure.

Really do not want to become Howard Hughes ish but I do seem to be having similar tendencies with regard public places, people, germs, private space etc.  Just wish I had his bank balance.  On that note, this is the week I think I finally have to do it…………………….go bankrupt………………….. 😦 Got appointment with my lovely lady Claire at the bank on Friday and I am going to ask her advise.  My situation, although developing and coming to a conclusion I think remains ‘in limbo’ as it has for ages now and I just want to move on, fresh start, optimistic start cos time is running out and before I know it my time will be up.  That would be such a waste when I know I have such a potential, to be happy and contented that is and the crippling debt I have been left in due to trying to help my son, I can stand no longer.  It is the ONLY thing that fuels my dark days, thoughts and feelings.

I have learnt (finally) so much in my life so far and the best thing to come out of it is that I want to help others who find themselves in the positions I have been in.  I would love to become a counsellor for a couple of particular unfortunate life issues that I know many other people will continue to go through.  Having someone listen who has actually experienced your problem is priceless and all apart from one fantastic lady counsellor I saw, my issues could not be touched by anyone else.

Yep, true to form I have rambled when I didn’t even plan to so I am going to brave the great outdoors now.  Keep em crossed please 🙂

Keep trying!

Keep trying!

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