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Ok, firstly good morning to anyone reading this, or afternoon, evening if more appropriate.  So I fired up my Mac this morning and the email you always want to see the morning after a lottery draw if you bought your ticket online.  From the lottery ~ ‘Dear Anne, we have news about your ticket, congratulations.  Please log in to your account to view details’  So, I was straight on the site and arghhhhhhhh! site down for maintenance! The pessimist would probably think its only going to be the £3/£5 which admittedly I have won fairly frequently and I am pleased with that because it does pay for another ticket or two, but of course the optimist would tentatively be thinking……maybe, just maybe……….could it be…………yes…….life changing!!!! or even enough to clear debt………oh oh, what will it be?  I am somewhere between both ways of thinking and admittedly after the other weeks events leaning unfortunately on the pessimists view. So, I will just have to wait and of course they do say……….the best things in life are worth waiting for so I have as much crossed as I can!! Back soon as can 🙂 By the way, I have my ‘interrogation’ with the job centre today…..bring it on!! Realised actually that they could be very helpful in pushing my medical case?  Just like the lotto…….you just never know what is around the corner!!Camelot-lotto-logo-201_461

13.12.14 ~ Quick update guys ~ I am here so no guessing that no I did not win! Foregone conclusion you may think BUT open your minds and just imagine………I could have done and to be honest I do not see the point of even buying a ticket if you do not think you have any chance now is there!  These people that say winning would not change their lives??? I just do not understand this I have to say. I am now (apart from my health issues) very very happy and contented so I do not NEED a win to make me happy (as I do not believe necessarily having endless amounts of money will make you happy of course), it would simply yet enormously, make life easier for us and our dearest friends and family.

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